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Date 03.26.16
Admission Suggested Donation $7
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Bring an open mind, positive vibes, and ready ears, which will be sonically encouraged to smash the patriarchy and unlearn repression (if you haven’t already).


Warm Women (Performance Art out of Brooklyn, NY)
Assorted Poetry Readings (Stephanie Goehring, Zoe Darsee, TBA..)
Sailor Poon

Sailor Poon

Sailor Poon(TX) is not only performing their “poon rawk garagadelic post-sincerity” jammers, but also debuting their “Leather Daddy” music video!!! Sick times!

Sailor Poon is ”Always crude, never prude" - The Austin Chronicle

Warm Women

WARM WOMEN (NY) is a performance piece about female sexuality and the tremendous range of possibilities and states of being that lies therein, created and directed by Susannah Simpson, in collaboration with the performers Helen Gutowski, Laura Ornella, Rebekah Nagy and Madeline Sachs.

"We believe that as human beings raised in a patriarchal, sexually repressive culture, there is a tremendous amount of unlearning required in order to actually connect, in a shame-free way, with our own bodies, needs, and desires… Warm Women serves as a window into the female sexual experience, in no way covering the myriad bases and perspectives, but representing potent moments along the spectrum. By sharing and embodying our experiences with movement, humor, candor, and intense vulnerability our goal is to help people feel connected, supported, and encouraged to listen to and honor themselves, their bodies, and each other. And to remember that “sexy” is not an image, a product, or idea that can be bought or sold, but rather, something that comes from listening to and following our own sensations and needs. Sexy is what feels good."

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