LSJ, XathaX, Virginity, Marina Peterson

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Date 01.13.18
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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LSJ is the intersection of three of Austin’s most creative and experienced musicians, Lisa Cameron, Shawn David McMillen and Josh Ronsen. They have played hundreds and hundreds of shows with people like Jandek, Roky Erickson, Pauline Oliveros, Susan Alcorn, Rick Reed, Tom Carter, Christina Carter, Ralph White and many others. The music of LSJ brings together three very unique approaches to music to form a psychedelic simmer of electronics, tape recorders, guitars, percussion, jaw harp, harmonica, clarinet that is as unpredictable as it is exciting. This show celebrates the release of their first tape, MISTY NIGHTS, on the Eh? label from California.


XathaX is a 11-dimensional mathematical equation that vibrates in the human auditory range. He has not been studied by scientists or federal authorities and hence nothing more can be said about him.


Virginity is made from Parham Daghighi and Spencer Dobbs. Parham Daghighi is an improviser/multi-instrumentalist whose recent foci include the electric guitar, tape manipulation and percussion. He is a member of SSBT and Friendship Cemetery. Spencer Dobbs is a musician and poet whose recordings and chapbooks are issued on the Anahuac Editions imprint. A forthcoming album, The Animal Is Singing, will be released on the Sloow Wax label in 2018.

Marina Peterson

Marina Peterson is an anthropologist and cellist. With research primarily in and of Los Angeles and small cities of Appalachian Ohio, her work engages entanglements of sound, sense, and urban infrastructures below and above ground. She is the author of Sound, Space, and the City: Civic Performance in Downtown Los Angeles. As a cellist, she performs new and improvised music.

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