Konk Pack

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Event Info
Date 10.16.13
Admission $12

Konk Pack is an esteemed international group of improvisors, who’ve been playing together since 1997. Tim Hodgkinson was a founding member the great British band, Henry Cow. Drummer Roger Turner is one of the stellar figures among the great group of British improvisors that followed Derek Bailey and Evan Parker’s pioneering work. On the analog synthesizer, we have Thomas Lehn, from Germany.

"Konk Pack are utterly awesome. Featuring Thomas Lehn on the craziest old EMS synthi A, Tim Hodgkinson on flat guitar and Roger Turner on percussion, the show is awkwardly brilliant and defiant. With startling combinations of punkish nuisance, ingenious change-ups, and rolling, stumbling, tripping and flipping sound inventions, Konk Pack are one of the most exciting Improv groups in the world.”

— The Wire

“Thomas Lehn’s ancient analogue synthesizer is an honestly electronic sound source, but he plays it with pianistic animation, a responsive improviser in an ever-shifting, fluid and powerful music.”

— Coda Magazine