Kite Abomination

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It's summer in Texas. Heat waves rise off the pavement and the earth has become parched. In the distance through scattered clouds a swarm suddenly appears... are they UFOs? What is it that draws near? Distinct shapes form and sway into view. It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's.... KITE ABOMINATION. 

Our artists will take a beloved childhood form of entertainment and transform them into something entirely new... Will they be beautiful? Will they be twisted? Will they even fly? As the heat bears down upon our city so shall the kites. BEWARE! KITE ABOMINATION IS HERE!

Featuring work by:

Aaron deGruyter
Abi Daniel
Annie Alonzi
Christopher Payne
Cooper McBean
David Milner
Eva Claycomb
Gigi Grinstad
Gorgy Loosen
Hannah Rose Sunday
Holly Bobisuthi
Jana Olsen
Jay Roff-Garcia
Kai Smart
Kate Sterchi
Katie Cowden
Kevin Munoz
Lance McMahan
Lee Dockery
Mason McFee
Rory Blank
Tim and Beth Kerr
Thor Harris