Keith Rowe and Kjell Bjorgeengen

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Date 05.24.15
Admission $12
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British musician Keith Rowe and Norwegian video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen will present an interactive and interconnected video and sound piece whereby video is audio generated and produced in real time with no pre-recorded images. The project deals with a precarious situation both artistically and technically resulting in a music/video performance that cannot be easily preconceived. British guitarist Keith Rowe, is one of the most influential electroacoustic free improvisors of the last 50 years. His prepared "tabletop” guitar is plugged into a cacophony of "perfectly ordinary reality” and played in virtually every conceivable manner, with every possible tool. Guitar Player magazine once described Rowe performing as "...a surgeon operating on a patient”. His signature sound has been described by his fans as the quintessence of "noise" guitar music. Kjell Bjørgeengen's art practice is an investigation of reality. The live works feature the production of flicker videos, which have also been presented in various exhibitions since 2002.

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