Joe Adamik with Moonsicles, Adam Busch, and Sheffield Rippie

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Austin Cultural Exchange, in collaboration with Meno Mosso Records and fields, proudly presents the Texas premiere of Joe Adamik & his debut solo album SUPER LOW as well as a one-day art show of work by local artists & musicians. Providing musical support — Moonsicles, Adam Busch (w/ Joe Adamik & Stephen Patterson) and Sheffield/Rippie.

Joseph "Joe" Adamik

Joseph "Joe" Adamik, musician & composer, has been a long-time member of both Califone and Iron & Wine as well as collaborating with a wide variety of artists including Rebecca Gates, Freakwater, Manashevitz and long list of jazz outfits. Joe's tour de force, SUPER LOW, is the culmination of his education, his experience and his love of music; out on Meno Mosso, it is an impressive impressionistic sonic collage as unique as the individual behind it.


Moonsicles is the instrumental post-rock quartet of Carolyn Cunningham on drums/percussion (Pillow Queens; Woven Bones), Aaron Russell on guitar (Weird Weeds), Sheila Scoville on synths/electronics (Ichi Ni San Shi; x-Suspirians, No Mas Bodas) and Lindsey Verrill on bass (Weird Weeds; Little Mazarn; War Elephant). With nods to krautrock, prog rock and rural psychedelia, Moonsicles are aural cinema, as demonstrated on their 2016 album BAY OF SEETHING, out on Feeding Tube Records.

Adam Busch

Adam Busch , the musician, not the actor, has been playing music for about twenty years, solo and leading various bands including The Curious Digit, Manishevitz and Sonoi. Austin resident by way of Chicago, he runs Meno Mosso Records and released an album last year, RIVER OF BRICKS, a sophisticated collection of songs that boasts such collaborators as Joe Adamik, Michael Krassner (Boxhead Ensemble), Wil Hendricks (Boxhead Ensemble) and composer/bandleader extraordinaire Fred Lonberg-Holm.


Sheffield/Rippie is Colin Andrew Sheffield and James Eck Rippie, an improvisational duo interested in the intersection of deconstruction & assemblage. Sheffield is a sound artist focused on the recontextualization of commercial recordings with material out on the labels Invisible Birds, Mystery Sea and Quiet World; he is also, since 1998, the founder of the recording label Elevator Bath, home to many experimental artists including Merzbow, Tony Conrad, Rick Reed and Francisco López. Rippie is a turntablist & multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for abstract sound; he has work out on Elevator Bath and Cronica Electronica and has collaborated with various sound artists including Simon Whetham, Paulo Raposo and erikM.

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