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Date 11.16.14
Admission Free
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(Feat Members of The Zoltars)

Jarebear is a garage rock band for both adults and children. We have written an album, "The Journey for the Giant Jellybean", that tells a story over the course of 12 songs (a la Harry Nilsson's The Point). The story is about a little boy named Otis who is full of wonder. He hears a rumor about a magical giant jellybean that's supposed to solve all the world's problems. He gathers a team of explorers, and they set off on their journey to find the bean. They meet new people, travel to far away lands, and go on special adventures. Is this mythical Giant Jellybean too good to be true, though? Can there really be something that can easily solve all the world's problems? While light-hearted and funny, the album also tries to convey that it is unwise to rely on a "magic bullet" to fix your problems.

Free Jellybean Pancakes.