Its not you, its me A SelfieGauntlet

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30 artists have designed 30 selfie potentials. You, the visitor, will move through this space in 15 minutes, with 30 seconds at each prompt to take the requisite selfie. At the end of this gauntlet, you will posses 30 selfies in collaboration with 30 different artists. We are asking for a $5 deposit up front. At the end of the gauntlet you will be given as much time as you need to select one selfie from each artist. Once you've run the gauntlet, if you choose to share all 30 selfies on any given public internet platform we will pay you $5.

Featuring work from: (in order of appearance)

Sterling Allen, Lindsay Braun, Lisa Laratta, nadia waheed, Chris Boette and Adam Zeiner of vurv collective, Charles Benjamin Russell, Clemmons & Loyd (Vidkidz), Diptych, Yuliya Lanina, p1nkstar, Inc. (Assts. Y2K, Josh González), Tred barely, KUNIKLO, Nils Hoover, Eric Heavin, Geoff Belcher, The Angry Cloud, Terri Thomas, Hayes Morrison, Phillip Niemeyer, Natalie George , Shelby Bohannon and Interactive Nature , Hiba Ali, Jesse Cline, Katelena Hernandez Cowles (Comfort Artist), Kaya Halil Sumer, Bobo, Rebecca Marino, MEG, HIVE Arts Collective (featuring Courtney Cook, Clare Drummond, Julie Conquest, and Beth Link), Rachel Stuckey, Adrian Aguilera / Betelhem Makonnen

With guest appearances from:

Terms of Service Specter (Sean Ripple), Lazy Suzanne, Diego Mireles Durán

Interested in getting some quality selfie care outside of EAST? We've got two week nights reserved for private groups of up to 8 that are looking for a little extra selfie reflection.

Complimentary beverages provided by Austonian Spirits