It’s Like a Live Action Scooby Doo but Filmed by Aliens

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Date 10.27.21
Admission Suggested Donation $20
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A psychedelic ghost tale? A stream of consciousness bubblegum nightmare? A preview of Austin real estate woes to come? Any of the above could describe HOUSE, the classic Japanese head trip about a schoolgirl who travels with six classmates to her ailing aunt’s creaky country home and comes face-to-face with evil spirits, a demonic house cat, a bloodthirsty piano and other ghoulish visions. Presented by the teen filmmakers of the Creative Action Youth Cinema Collective, House is the gonzo horror comedy you never knew you needed in your Halloween rotation. And with proceeds going directly to Texas Abortion Funds to help women get the medical care they need, you’ll be helping our state become the kind of house that will care for women instead of eating them alive.

In addition to car seating, there is limited outdoor seating! Each socially distanced platform has 4 chairs available to purchase in groups. Please limit mingling between groups. Port-a-potty restrooms will be available.

Creative Action Youth Cinema Collective is a team of 25 teens from every corner of Austin who come together to make films about themselves and their communities. Now in its 7th year, YCC teens celebrate cinema and community, sharing their voices and giving space to the issues that they care about most.

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