It's OK to Laugh 2

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Date 12.05.18
Admission $5–15
Sliding Scale
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Shannon Stott and Quinn Buckner are ‘Twins’, an improv duo creating stories from a black woman’s perspective. As experienced improvisors we’ve seen the slow positive change on stages but we still often see stories told from a white man’s perspective. These stories happen by default and seemingly regardless of the actual demographic on stage. The non-white, non-men subconsciously or consciously do work to get on the same page. Twins asks the white man to do the work, on stage in front of you. We ask him to help present stories from a perspective not his own, specifically his partner’s, a black woman.

Twins aims to honor and showcase muted artistic voices on stage and in our community, so we will have local artists from different disciplines sharing their craft and unique experience alongside our show.

This show is an experience, we come to you for not only for your input and thoughts during the show but questions about your stories and perspectives. So come on out and share this moment with us. See more information about us at

We are starting our almost twice a month show here at the MoHA and couldn’t be more excited. Bring your friends and come to multiple shows because everyone is different and unexpected.

Additional Dates (all shows start at 8pm) 1/9, 1/23, 2/13, 2/27, 4/10, 4/24