In Grant We Lust What's It to Hugh? Hugh Grant Trivia Game Show!

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Event Info
Date 02.28.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

Wow! Another trip around the sun! Yes it’s New Years for those of us who align our calendars to Hugh Grant’s birthday!! To celebrate we’re doing a Hugh Grant trivia gameshow called What’s It To Hugh? If you’ve just woken up after fainting from reading the previous sentence I apologize, I should have warned you, but get ready for the faint part 2 cause guess what, the winner gets to FaceTime to with Hugh Grant (Zac has insisted that I tell you it is not the real Hugh Grant! It is my friend Haley in a wig and it is actually her birthday!) and personally sing him happy birthday!! An unfathomable honor!!! Then we’re gonna watch the best Hugh Grant movie which is just the best movie about the best bear doing his cute bear thing and going to the worst jail!