Ice Cream Lyman's TV Drive-In 3

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Event Info
Date 08.17.18
Admission Free

Ep. 3 of 3: The Dog Days of Summer (a collection of dog themed tv episodes)

roll up in your car or on your bike or on your own two feet, grab a spot in the parking lot, turn on your radio (we'll have some to hand out if you're not in a car), and off we go.

each night will have pop-ups and fun family activities (like a human competition judge by dogs!) ahead of the show hosted by great local artists, educators, community members, and vendors. we'll have an ice cream truck and snacks and whatever we can round up.


Ice Cream from Yo-Yo the Ice Cream Man


7:30 - doors open - come park your car (or bike! or lawn chair!) and get a good spot! awww yeah it's that type of drive-in
8:00 - fun and games for young and old dogs
9:00 - a collection of your favorite dog themed TV episodes