Hyrdothermal Lent Who Can Bring the Most Excessive Snack and Call Your Oldest Friends

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Date 02.16.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
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Associated Program Drive-In
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Shrove Tuesday more like Drove to MoHA Tuesday!!! It’s the cool night of gluttony before we all go into that sweet, sweet, lent abstention! And what better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than the return of our hallowed snack competition! This time the rules are that we ransacked an Outback Steakhouse and have declared it an autonomous zone and there are no rules!!! We want to see your most fucked, your utterly inane, your sins against God and man snacks. We’re talking snacks so cruelly delicious that you’ll be begging for lent to start. As usual only you will get to eat your snacks and I am begging you to make us all very jealous. Awards will be given out for strangest, most maddening, most heroic, most sublime, best use of a sea creature, and many more snacks. I’m in the snackden of good and evil over here! Fish stick around cause then everyone’s gonna called their oldest friends for a few minutes! If you don’t have an oldest friend, as always, Zac’s mom is available to chat! Sure it’s very cool to talk to your friends but why tonight??! Cause we’re watching a really wonderful girl group young friends all grown up vacation movie, set in and around Mardi Gras!! It’s got Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett (Always thought it was Pickett!), Tiffany Haddish, and Regina Hall. A true fact this movie had to pay a giant carbon tax to the state of Louisiana on account of the gratuitous amount of star power it used!!