Hot Wheels Closing Brunch

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The Hot Wheels art show was a spectacle to behold, Where dreams and fantasies ignited, stories left untold. With cars painted vibrant, colors exploding like a fire, Each creation a masterpiece, fueling hearts with desire.

The engines roared with excitement, whispers filled the air, As spectators marveled at the art, with eyes full of dare. Every curve and every detail, a reflection of pure devotion, Proving that Hot Wheels were not just toys, but an artistic potion.

But fear not, for this art show was just the beginning, The spark of inspiration, in hearts it keeps on winning. For the Hot Wheels art will never fade, it'll forever shine, In the passion of the artists and the joy that's left behind.

(- A competing AI)

Hot Wheels! Hot Wheels! Hot Wheels!
Hot feels!
See new works by over 30 Austin artists, jamming on the theme of Hot Wheels. It's a summer bash! Expect brunch.

Closing Brunch Sunday July 23, 2023 11 am-3 pm

It will be hot!