Happy 10 year Anniversary to Mongoose and Happy 16th Birthday to CotFG

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Event Info
Date 10.19.19
Admission Free

Mongoose is an improvisational game ensemble generally consisting of 10 players. A mash-up of improvising actors and musicians in a street illegal version of John Zorn’s legendary game composition Cobra. Expect the lightning fast jump cuts of Cobra with words and scenic content in addition to the sonic game play.

Joining us for this special occasion are also Wilson Marks (solo loop guitar set), Jason Zeh from Kansas City and Spectrum Ensemble from Denton, Tx.

Multi-media artist, Jason Zeh (b.1980, Bowling Green, OH) has roots in the Midwest noise and EAI scenes. In this context, he has worked for many years developing extended techniques for the use of audio tape in sound production. Current work engages with his academic research into queer theory, feminist theory, and media and sound studies and is primarily focused on sound and performance using hardware hacking and creative coding as ways of creating interactive social encounters that address the ways communication technologies both facilitate and disrupt human connection.

Spectrum Ensemble is music group based in Denton, Texas, striving to increase visibility of talented Queer musicians and composers. They commission new works by Queer composers and perform those works, alongside works of famous Queer composers throughout history, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and around the country. Spectrum Ensemble profits are donated to LGBTQA+ charitable organizations.

Wilson Marks studied jazz in the city of New Orleans, destitution in Portland, a two hour layover in Honolulu and tacos in Austin TX. A versatile guitarist, composer and singer-songwriter, Wilson teaches and plays in many ensembles in Austin, Tx.