Hamanapocalypse: Oy Vey It's Purimsonal Costume Contest and the Blotting Out Of Haman's Name

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Event Info
Date 02.25.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
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Associated Program Drive-In
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Wow tonight it’s truly Hamandemonium! We’re celebrating Purim! We’re bringing in some friends and scholars to give us the down low on how this holiday go! After we learn a bunch of shit we’re gonna do the traditional blotting out of Haman’s name (he is a bad dude who tried to kill everyone) except we’re going to crash a car into a giant cardboard statue of Haman. Bud, that’s gonna be so cool! Then we’re gonna watch a fantastic Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy movie about a bunch of people trying to make a movie about Purim! Sweet!

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