Haint: Salvation

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Date 09.07.16
Admission Free
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'Experimental Narrative Art Video
Work In Progress, 26 minutes

HAINT is the latest project from multimedia artist Alyssa Taylor Wendt. Designed as a three-channel video installation, she has already filmed the first and second segments in Austin and Detroit respectively. The project explores recent themes in her artistic process including monuments, decay, memory, cycles of history, grandeur, architecture and parallel realities. The segments will show on multiple screens, mostly in larger art galleries in the United States.

This is the third and final installation of the artist’s HAINT series. This third and final segment was filmed this spring in the Balkans, where she filmed socialist monuments and spomeniks that were constructed as memorials. The futuristic brutalist style of these monoliths are of exceptional beauty in the Croatian and Bosnian countryside and are rich with significance for the Balkan people. The panoramic shots she is planning use the strength of the design with the existential vastness of the natural landscapes to convey a melancholy meditation on history and how we process our cultures. There will be several performances at the various monuments themselves: An avant-garde dance group, using specific choreography based on mourning and suffering; a small choir that will relay traditional laments in an abandoned cement factory; a dark arts healer that communicates with energy trapped inside the spomeniks; a group of Mafia legends who keep alive one of the oldest forms of regional song, the ganga; and a janitorial group who will clean off one of the monuments, as a gesture of preserving and enlivening the memories that they contain and then perform a eulogistic poem of death. Slow and languorous with composed soundtracks, this critical paean to power, death and monument is a work in progress and the artist will be at the screening for questions and feedback.


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