Gruesome Playground Injuries

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Date start 05.17.13
Date end 06.01.13
Admission $12
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05.30.13 Gruesome Playground Injuries by Matthew Irwin (Austin Chronicle)

Starring Benjamin Summers and Molly Karrasch

Over the course of 30 years, the lives of Doug and Kayleen intersect at the most bizarre intervals, leading the two childhood friends to compare scars and the physical calamities that keep drawing them together. Truly a different type of love story, Gruesome Playground Injuries will leave you smarting from its sharp humor and sharper insights. They say love hurts, and that’s what makes it worthwhile. Of course, they’ve never met Doug and Kayleen - some love stories are written in the scars...

7:30pm / General: $15 - $25 / Educators & Students: $10

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