Games Y’all (June 2023)

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Event Info
Date 06.24.23
Time 2pm–5pm
Admission Free

We're going to the Library!

The City of Austin Public Library has invited us to bring Games Y’all to their Windsor Park Branch. We have a new roundup of indie games to play and new digital arts projects from Welcome to My Homepage to explore!

In addition to our regular programming we are hosting a panel!

Playing Fair: Access & Accountability in Gaming Ecosystems

Join Carmaleta McKinnis-Williams (Head of DEI at the Austin Public Library), Kate Sánchez (Founder & Editor-in-Chief of But Why Tho?), and Jonathan Levine (disability advocate & Games Y'all Committee Member) as they collectively consider questions of power, accessibility, and accountability within the indy gaming ecosystem. This hour-long panel will be hosted by Courtney Cook, PhD whose questions will spin around an axis of power, violence, and possibilities for otherwise. There will be time for questions towards the close of the panel.