Fusebox State Fair

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Event Info
Date 04.28.13
Admission Free
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Taste the most delicious and creative corndogs this side of Coney Island (courtesy of Salt & Time), and slurp down snowballs made of fresh, handmade ingredients, delicious spirits, and exotic liqueurs. Then hit the dancefloor for a triple-X throwdown with Foot Patrol, Austin’s premier foot-fetish funk band.

Foot Patrol are Fusebox late-night legends. They are single-handedly responsible for some of the biggest, most ridiculous dance parties in Fusebox history. Foot Patrol smellebrates the wonders of the foot. Yes, we're talking dogs, gunboats, call them what you will; those sometimes smelly appendages are the subject of Foot Patrol's amorous attentions. TJ Wade, the band's singer and keyboard virtuoso happens to have a strong attraction to feet—but he’s also all about making you move to their highly original and robust grooves that combine 1980’s Minne- apolis funk with Hip-Hop, James Brown, New Wave, Funkadelic, and video game music in an absurdist, postmodern smellebration.

The Wandas are: Kelly Hasandras, Errin Delperdang, and Olivia O'Hare. MC's are: Manateemann, Dr. Chaos, and POTUS

Manateemann is the dj, mc, and total wizard. The Wandas will show you how to get down. Dr. Chaos and Potus will cast spells from Wizardztown to Bangladesh.

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