Fully Free Gallery Event

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Date 06.22.19
Admission Suggested Donation $10
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Come view the big reveal of the photos and narratives of our local participants. This exhibit highlights people's experience with identity expression and aims to bring more representation and visibility to identities often not included in mainstream narratives.

Later in the evening (10p) we strongly encourage you to find yourself on the dance floor with global beats spun by DJ Ella Ella (@soyellaella).

all profits from this event go directly to the artists who spent hundreds of unpaid hours working on this project, with a small amount of profits reserved as seed funding for Fully Free's next project.

More about the project:

The project sheds light on the parts of social identity that folks feel they must mask to maintain, respect, relationships, and physical and emotional safety. Each project participant had two photos taken, the first photo of how they present when they have to mask parts of their identity, and a second photo of how they present when they feel fully free to be themselves. Additionally, each participant wrote a short narrative about their experience with identity expression and safety.

The goal of this project is to bring visibility to an array of social identities, adding more diverse representation to the mainstream image of identity. It highlights the many aspects of society that do not allow people of specific social identities to present as their full selves.