Free Falasteen Fest

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Free Falasteen Fest.jpg

Poster by Ishaq Fahim

Event Info
Date 01.28.24
Doors 1:00pm
Time 2pm–6pm
Admission $15–35
Sliding Scale

Welcome to the Free Falasteen Fest!

Join us at the Museum of Human Achievement for a day filled with culture, and community. This event is meant to bring awareness to the Palestinian cause as well as fundraise for organizations directly helping the indigenous people of Palestine, specifically the Palestine Children's Relief Fund and the Middle Eastern Children's Alliance.

Be prepared to be immersed by the tunes of live music performances by talented artists. Let the rhythms connect you to a people who are known for their musical expertise and complex notes.

Discover the beauty of Falasteen's arts and crafts at our artisan market. Get your hands on unique handmade items that reflect the country's rich artistic traditions.

Don't miss our enlightening cultural talks and info booths, where you can learn more about Falasteen's history, traditions, and contemporary issues.

Bring your family and friends to this incredible event that celebrates the spirit of Falasteen. Mark your calendars now for a day of joy, connection, mourning, and unity at the Free Falasteen Fest!