For Love of the Shame Moha Carfessional

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Event Info
Date 02.17.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

Have you been just nonstop sinning in quarantine? Can’t go to church to get right with The Lord for fear of catching the big C? Cancel your Venmo to The Pope asap: you don’t need indulgences! We’ve got you covered with the world’s first ever, Covid safe, confessional experience! Simply drive into our (patent pending) Carfessional, confess you, your group, or your cars, sins to Zac and I, we’ll have you do some Car Hail Mary’s or something and boom, you and The Good Lord are even! But not for long!! Cause within minutes you’ll be lusting after Tom Hank’s hot mind, as you watch him solve a number of ancient puzzles and take down corruption in the Catholic Church from the inside!! That’s right we’re watching both of those Dan Brown books turned Ron Howard movies! (There are actually 3 of them but the 3rd isn’t about The Catholic Church it’s about a deadly virus that could create a global pandemic and Tom Hank’s is one of the first people to get the virus and uh… a bit too close to home ?) We’re doing Princess Switch rules!! We start both movies simultaneously! When you text Zac “Sin” he switches from one movie to the other, creating a new movie, which is pieces of each movie!! How many ancient texts, hidden tombs, and self-flagellations can we handle?! Let’s find out!!