Drum Workshop with Hari Ganglberger

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Date 09.23.16
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Hari Ganglberger recorded and / or shared the stage with inspiring artists such as Robben Ford, Bill Laswell, Admas, GIGI, Jeff McErlain, Alex Machacek, diNMachine, Kap10Kurt, George Garzone, Mino Cinelu, Ric Fierabracci, Ellen Greene, Nellie McKay, Albert Kreuzer big band, Kassini featuring John Hogg, Ed Vallance, Hans Peter Heinzl, Peace For Old Ghosts, Orchestra of United Theaters Vienna, Sumitra, house band of the Sunshine record label featuring Nappy G

Born in the small country of Austria, right at the center of Europe.

At a young age first hearing Pink Floyd’s The Wall turned his interest to the sound of drums. He formed a band when 15 and also began playing with local groups.

After graduating from School for Graphic Design he briefly studied classical percussion with Johann Gschwandtner at Bruckner Conservatory Linz. He then moved to the Austrian capital Vienna and got accepted into the jazz department at Conservatory of Vienna, studying drums with Walter Grassmann. After graduation worked in a wide variety of musical settings and groups.

In 1999 he felt the need to widen his musical scope which prompted a move to NYC. He currently lives in Brooklyn, following his path in music and music production. He was also instructor at National Guitar Workshop, Robben Ford Traveling Guitar Dojo and Ruby Mountain Guitar Summit.

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