Drive-In Orientation 3

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Drive-In Orientation 3.jpg

Event Info
Date 07.25.23
Time 7pm–9pm

Come hangout and learn the ins and outs of running the Drive-In at MoHA.

At the start of this orientation we will go over: Participant Expectations, Getting us info for your event, Roles in Advance, Roles at the Event

We’ll also go over production roles seen below: Setup and breakdown, Any additional labor for activities or context, Promotion or video assets (if needed) 

During the last half of this orientation we will cover the technical details of how the drive-in works including : Signal Flow, Audio Mixing Board, and Chat App.

As well as a day of show overview of: Getting setup, Tech startup, Production setup, Breaking Down, Tech breakdown, Production cleanup, Trash, and Concessions cleanup

Finally, we’ll go over troubleshooting and FAQ.