Dripping Dreams 2: Out From the Underground

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Date 04.24.14
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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A Night of Psychedelic Animation

7:30 PM / $5

From the head shops of the ‘60s emerged a scene of underground comics creators with heads full of weird substances and weirder ideas. Publishing in books like Zap and Rip Off Comix, they pushed the aesthetics of comics in new and lysergic directions. As the seventies progressed, several of these people found their way into animation, and their bizarre visions found new life. In the early 90s, several these elder statesmen of the strange banded together to make a show called Liquid Television, which (famously) spawned Beavis and Butthead and Aeon Flux, and (more subtly) created an aesthetic that would define the genre of psychedelic animation for years to come.

Queens-based avant-jazz-folk-improv band The Home of Easy Credit will accompany a selection of 70s ‘toons created by interlopers from the comix realm. We’ll breeze through a few choice 80s selections, and spend the bulk of our screening time on selections from Liquid Television. Our curator Bradford will talk us through the history surrounding the pieces.

Other activities will include an animation station, a comix library (to be read with care!), refreshments, and psychedelic toys!

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