Digital Equity Community Conversation

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Event Info
Date 08.22.23
Time 6pm–8pm
Admission Free

Travis County and the City of Austin want to hear from you about challenges with internet in your community and identify ways to increase digital access together.

Join other artists and creative community members at The Museum of Human Achievement to share your perspective and experience. We'll have air conditioning, drinks, and snacks!

There are limited seats available. This conversation will last approximately 2-hour. The City of Austin will provide $50 gift cards for full participation upon request.

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What is a group-based conversation?

During the conversation, participants will share their perspective and experiences about accessing and using the internet. The group will also discuss ways to improve internet access and use. The information shared during the group conversation will be summarized and used to improve internet access and resources for Travis County and City of Austin community members.

Will I be compensated for my participation?

To help support participation, the City of Austin is offering $50 gift cards for 2-hour participation, upon request. To receive a gift card, participants will need to provide their name and signature.

Who can I contact about this project?

Please email Due to message volume, we may not be able to respond quickly. Learn more at