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Date 09.23.16
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http://dinmachine.com/ The word “din” has two meanings. As a noun it refers to a prolonged, disruptive noise, as a verb it means to learn something by repetition. So it’s no wonder diNMachine makes music that is often challenging: its rhythmic energy and immersive auditory elements demanding a certain commitment from the listener. That’s not to say that their fusion of the eccentric, the propulsive and the avant-garde comes without a wild sense of fun...just that there's nothing “cookie cutter” or “spoon fed” about it.

Like their home base of NYC, diNMachine’s amoebic dance-rock is awash in a rich multi-cultural blend of styles. It has the energy and power of youth oriented music while also appealing to the more cerebral of music lovers. Its Indian, African & South American styles interplay with jazz and avant-garde, all set upon a bed of field recordings, drones and an urban sensibility.

The band’s spearhead Michael Schumacher’s love affair with sound first manifested itself as multi-channel, computer programed installations presented in galleries, museums and public spaces around the world. He released his ambitious music to critical acclaim via indie labels XI and Staubgold and was awarded record of the year in classical composition by The Wire in 2004.

When partner Nisi Jacobs started playing bass, Michael decided to dust off his more pop-oriented material and form a band. Over the next few years it evolved into…

Hari Ganglberger (drums), Alejandro Florez (guitar), Brian Lawlor (keys) and Michael Evans (percussion) solidified the group as a musical force to be reckoned with. Collectively they have attended the prestigious Jazz Conservatory of Vienna, as well as Berkeley and Juilliard.

Their newest album The Opposites of Unity is due out (Sept. 9, 2016) and furthers the band’s exploratory, wide-ranging, structurally complex sound. It could even be called self-aware, in an Artificial Intelligence kind of way, every now and then pausing to listen to its own vita

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Khali Haat
Stop Motion Orchestra
How I Quit Crack
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