Desperate Living Drive-In

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Event Info
Date 09.30.23
Doors 8:00pm
Time 8:30pm–11:30pm
Admission Suggested Donation $5
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Associated Program Drive-In
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Hi stupid, hi ugly! Follow Peggy Gravel, a high-strung bourgeoisie housewife and her hilarious maid, Grizelda to Mortville, a town of outcasts ruled over by a relentlessly horny and evil Queen Carlotta. This movie has everything: titty glory holes, nude garbagemen, roadkill entrees, refrigerated babies, and vagina-themed wrestling costumes. 

John Waters described his 1977 feature Desperate Living as “a lesbian melodrama about revolution”. It tackles subjects that are still relevant today like gender identity, racism, and tyrannical leadership. When it was released, lesbians hated it, along with everyone else—Good Housekeeping walked out after 10 minutes! 

With an incredible cast including Mink Stole screaming at trees for stealing her oxygen and Liz Renay, known for her mother-daughter striptease act and mobster boyfriends. While this movie isn’t for everyone (just about every trigger warning you can think of applies) it’s darkly hilarious and ends with a message of hope we can all agree on: EAT THE RICH!

Featuring live wrestling and bad taste fashion models, presented by Bethcita & Cindy Popp