Desktop Poetry

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Event Info
Date 05.27.22
Admission Free
Presented by
Associated Program Digital Do-Si-Do

Welcome to Games Y’all’s first Digital Do-si-do!!🤠 Let’s celebrate spring by freshening up each others desktop backgrounds! If you’ve got a bee in your bonnet for cool art and new friends, saddle up! Sign up by 4/22, submit on 5/27.


Friday April 22- Sign up deadline. Add text to your wishlist to inspire your dream desktop background.
Friday April 29- Do-si-do! We’ll tell you who you’re making a desktop background for and what their prompt is. Interpret your prompt however you wish - get literal, get abstract, get along little doggies!
Friday May 27- Post what you made in the digital-do-si-do channel and tag your partner!

✒️💻Desktop Poetry?💻🖋

Share your favorite text excerpts in your wishlist whether that be fun sayings, lyrics, tv quotes, even tweets!
Try to keep quotes short! The more open ended the prompt the more creative your partner can get.
Desktop backgrounds can be made in any software that inspires you - just export as a .png or take a screenshot when you’re done.

☁️🌵Swing your Partner🌵☁️

Howdy Y’all! This channel is shared between the Fantastic Arcade and The Museum of Human Achievement Discord Servers so game devs and artists can hang out and make stuff together.
We’re using Connections Bot, which has some quirks. Emoji reactions are turned off, but other features seem to work fine. Let us know if anything seems funky.

❔🛠Guides and Tools🛠❔

Backgrounds can be made using any medium, but should be submitted as a .png file type
Ideal image resolution is 1920x1200 (16:10 aspect ratio)
Keep your file size under 8MB

🌺🌼Sign Up🌼🌺

Sign up using SneakySanta:
To Join, enter your email, your name (with your discord username!) when signing up!
On the top right side, click “Add Wishlist Item”
Add the text of your choice under “item description” (If you want to link to the full text/song there is an option to add a web address!)
You’ll receive an email Friday April 29th from SneakySanta letting you know who you got!

✅👍Details/Rules 👎🚫

We’re here for a good time, keep it friendly and positive. When in doubt, read the #rules.
Don’t leave your partner hanging!