Dancin’ in Mohalight Car Line Dancing

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Event Info
Date 02.18.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
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Associated Program Drive-In

Tonight we celebrate one of our oldest friends! Mars! Throughout your life they showed up! They made the effort! Tonight we give something back!! The Perseverance Rover has been absolutely slamming its way towards Mars, covering 292.5 million miles in the past seven months!! Tonight it touches down, and we’ll be rooting it on!! To celebrate we’ve got a special as heck game / activity. Edan and Maggie, powerhouse champions from last year’s drive-in, are bringing their Perseverance Mazda Rover to MoHA and will be exploring our very own red planet, the MoHA side parking lot! We’ll be projecting a livestream of their journey and y’all will be directing their research and discovery from your car!! That’s right, via freshly sanitized walkie talkie, you the audience call the shots! Will you find evidence of water? Ancient microbes? Alien life??!?! Find out on Thursday!!! Stick around cause afterwards we’re watching the very best movie about Mars, you know the one… it’s got the governor in it 😉