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Poca Madre Arts in collaboration with The Museum of Human Achievement are pleased to present CuerposUnidos, which first existed in two parts at San Antonio’s at Clamp Light Studios in March and April of this year and now come together as one exhibition in Austin. CuerposUnidos presents the work of 14 local, regional, and national artists curated by Michael Anthony García and Jose Villalobos as a means of speaking to varied representations and connotations of the human form, both aesthetic and political. While some works explore the corporeal form’s malleable power over the human gaze, others speak to the political cachet some bodies possess that others aren’t afforded. Both previous iterations of CuerposUnidos unite at The Museum of Human Achievement on June 14, 2019 with a catalog of the exhibitions available for purchase.

Participating artists

Ben Aqua, Sara Cardona, Felix D’Eon, Bug Davidson, Andie Flores, Alexander Hernandez, Ingrid Leyva, Los Dos, Roy Martinez, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Ric Nelson, Antonia Padilla, Sonya Marie Sky, Dorian Wood.