Circus Girl

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Event Info
Date start 06.06.13
Date end 06.16.13
Admission $12
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This original play is a historical drama set in the 1890s. The story centers around Circus Girl, a performer who has lived her whole life in the circus or vaudeville, but the Panic of 1893 changes all that. As banks and railroads close or go bankrupt so does the vaudeville. Circus Girl is forced out into the real world for the first time. She must learn to adapt or be swallowed up by the harsh realities of a country caught in the turmoil of trying to find its own identity. A country divided between what's right and wrong. The play explores her journey from Kansas City to Chicago to Denver and challenges its audiences with the questions it raises about the nature of fantasy, reality, and art itself.

Doors 7pm / Performance 7:30pm

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