Cage Match Project, Round IV: Work in Progress

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Cage Match Round 4 Opening:

Attention, Austinites! Work In Progress–a pop-up shop calling attention to the unseen labor of today’s marketable craft aesthetic–is officially open for business, and we’ve got just what you need: Handmade Quality Objects, Happiness Guaranteed™! Stop by our artists’ makerspace for our Grand Opening Celebration at the Cage Match Project and leave with a unique, artisanal work of art! -Fleet

About the Collective

Fleet is an artist collective based in Austin, Texas that includes Michael Colaianni, Haley Hill, Brooke Johnson, Emily Lee, Tín Rodriguez, and Connor Walden. Our collaborative work centers around reactions to our changing physical and conceptual environments, as well as responses to the current political climate that are performed through a lens of absurdity.

About the Gallery

Cage Match Project is a temporary, site-specific art-installation series in which a group of selected artists have been invited to engage a large, industrial caged-trailer. Measured at 20’x8’x7’, the weathered and rusted container resides in the exterior lot of The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX where it is under constant exposure to the elements and 24-hour public viewership.