CLICHÉS: Mike Melinoe Video Shoot

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CLICHÉS is a unique and thought-provoking film that not only captures your attention but also encourages introspection. It was born out of a tough time in Michael Whitsett's life, where he lost his loved ones and his drive. However, he realized that to move forward, he had to let go of his ego and remove the barriers and fears that were holding him back. This is what he calls an EGO death.

The film is a collaborative effort by Michael Whitsett and Shelly Knicks. Shot and edited by Shelly Knicks, it features powerful performances by Renato Sterling, Brandon Fields, and Danthony Harmon. The music, composed by Michael Whitsett and Colin Jacobson, adds to the film's emotional depth, with Destin Briant's violin playing tugging at the heartstrings.

CLICHÉS is a must-watch, thanks to the excellent work by the production team. Michael Whitsett's writing and directing, along with the talented crew, have created a piece of art that's both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. Special thanks to House of Curiosities and Zac Brooks for their support.


Written by Michael Whitsett
Directed by Michael Whitsett & Shelly Knicks
Shot / Edited by Shelly Knicks
Produced by Lameboy
Production Assistant: Brandon Fields
Grip: Patrick Streater
Composed by Michael Whitsett & Colin Jacobson
Violinist: Destin Briant


Renato Sterling
Brandon Fields
Danthony Harmon

Special Thanks

House Of Curiosities
Zac Brooks