Brown Girl Collective

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Event Info
Date 06.11.21
Admission Suggested Donation $20
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

Come hang out with Brown Girl Collective at MoHA! It’s fun in the summer, from inside our cars, because eww it’s hot and germs are gross. We’ll warm up for the night by screening some short films made by creatives in our collective and friends in the community. We’ll also play a game, but the particular game hasn’t been decided yet, so it’ll be a surprise! Then, we’ll screen a summery feature film, best described as Scooby Doo meets David Lynch, or Monster House on acid-–with 70’s floral themes! Brown Girl Collective is a local organization of young adults supporting brown girls, non-binary folx, and femmes in their creative endeavors through community outreach. Check our instagram @browngirlcollective.atx !!