Bill Daniel: Tri-X Noise

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Event Info
Date 12.19.14
Admission Free

'w/Performances by Raul's Royal Foot / Jonathan Horne / Isaac Sherman

A touring pop-up photo exhibit by Bill Daniel. 35 mm B/W survey 1982-2014. Skate/Punk/Graffiti Junk.

Hobo filmmaker/phototramp Bill Daniel is back on the road with a pop-up photo show comprised of 30 years of 35mm photographs beginning with the early 80s punk scene in Texas, featuring all of your favorite old school punk bands. Daniel has continued to document various sub cultures using the same camera/lens/flash, and Kodak Tri-X film for over 30 years.

This exhibit, all non-digital darkroom prints, charts a path starting with punk shows in Texas, and crawls through various subultures from the 90s graffiti scene in San Francisco, freight hopping scenarios, art openings in Los Angeles, house shows in Louisiana, etc... all seen through Daniel's unique, spelunker flash-lit vision.

These shows are all one-night pop-up site-specific events, with a free-standing "gallery" that is set up in all kinds of places... music venues, warehouses, and occasionally galleries.