Art. Sex. Magic.

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Event Info
Date start 09.12.19
Date end 09.14.19
Start Time 12am
Admission $20–40
Sliding Scale
Event artist
Associated Program Fiscal Sponsorship
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A satirical, surreal, sincere exploration of the inspirations and pitfalls of the creative process unfolding as the archetypal hero’s journey. The story takes place in our present day, wasteful consumer society and social media age, where nothing is built to last and the majority of art and identity exists on the internet,

A.S.M. explores the Artist’s inner dialogues between her critics and her muses, distinguished and personified by her own art-works, as she questions the meaning of success, the importance of pleasure, her newly discovered queer identity, authenticity, consumerism, and the impact of social media on the relationship with her process, and self.