An Breakpoint

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Date 08.24.14
Admission Free
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found footage edited by Carly Ptak

22 min / VHS / sound / 2000

Found Memorial Day weekend home movie footage.


by Jacob Ciocci, with music by Extreme Animals

35 min / digital / sound / 2013

“These files have been burning a hole on my hard drive for too long–I have been working/adding to/deleting parts of these videos for different formats, versions and contexts for almost 3 years! These videos can be considered video essays, music videos, works of abstract animation, or YouTube junk, depending on your perspective. From my perspective the entire 35-minute compilation is my most recent attempt at grappling with life in contemporary USA. I hope you will download and share. Thanks!”


by Giuseppe Andrews

84 min / digital / sound / 2005

“Latuga is a desperate woman living a desperate life. Divorced from fancy suit store owner Classe, she is forced to live in a small studio apartment and care for the couple’s ex-heroin addict son Puzo. The boy, obsessed with a toy barbecue pit, is always on the verge of some horrific act. In order to earn money, Latuga services her ex-husband’s needs. Most of the time, that means picking up a rifle and killing the homeless bums that hang out in front of his shop. At other instances, it’s something far more perverted. Meanwhile, Frisco and his deformed brother Defetto avoid Latuga’s gunfire while coming up with a plan to get off the street. The solution? Marry someone of means and get a free pass to a place with the ultimate in live-in luxury…air conditioning. Naturally, Frisco winds up wooing Latuga, and they are quickly wed. When Classe finds out about the situation, he’s livid. Such anger sparks Puzo into an act of violence. Fate, however, has a different plan for all of them.”

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