All Night 2! 12-Hours to Finish Something Cool Together

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Event Info
Date 02.19.21
Admission $15–20
Sliding Scale
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

No MoHA drive-in would be complete without a night that pushes the outer limits of its host’s sanity, and so the MoHA all-night marathon is back!! This time we’re doing 3 screens showing massive movie franchises!! On one screen we got those good hobbit boys trying to find a volcano (extended editions ?), on the other we’ve got those movies where it’s always a big nasty alien fighting a brunette who is often Sigourney Weaver but not always (we’re showing these in chronological order starting with the one that’s named after the guy who stole fire from the Gods. I just googled what that guy did I get why they called the movie that!), and on the final screen we’re showing two beloved trilogies! The first is a 90’s franchise about turtles doing karate and eating pizza, the second is about Keanu Reeves doing fighting and eating probably those gold coins they use for everything! “Whoa dog! Starting with the movie first and not mentioning the activity until now?? What gives Neil?” Keeping you on your toes reader! The activity is cool but I think makes more sense within the longness of the movies! It’s finish that thing night!! If you have a Covid project you’ve been slacking off on, bring it to work on in your car throughout the night! I’m talking anything! Your crochet masterpiece, your screenplay, your 2020 tax return, the perfect over easy egg! We are here for it and support you! We’ll be checking in on people’s projects every few hours whenever it feels like an okay time to pause all 3 movies!