Ain't No Orange in Texas: The Variety Show

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'A project by Courtney Cone

This project was developed in collaboration with system-impacted women through a series of workshops, and will culminate in a live, variety-show style performance - Ain’t No Orange in Texas: The Variety Show. Hosted by Officer Cheatham, the show will feature short performances or variety acts with live musical/sound accompaniment including: spoken word, poetry, song, dance, talent, sketches/comedy acts, prison food cook-off, how-to demos, puppet show, video or a short lecture.

Performers & Crew

Courtney Cone - Performer (Officer Cheatham), Event Organizer
Katy Cone - Performer (Officer K. Cheatham), Audio Production, Crew
Amy Carafa - Performer (Lt. Carafa), Crew
Liz Rodda (Officer Rodda) - Video Camera
Carla Saul - Technical Manager
Cynthia Cone - Production Manager, Crew
Lauren Johnson - Performer
Ashika Renae Coleman-Carter - Performer
Kirsten Ricketts - Performer


Right of Return USA Fellowship
Soze Agency
Open Philanthropy Project
The Museum of Human Achievement
Texas Criminal Justice Coalition