Advanced Plants

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'To Note: This Event is not at MoHA but at The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Welcome to the world of Advanced Plants, an outdoor museum of futuristic vegetation. This multitudinous collaboration incorporates works from all over the country, using a wide variety of media, and brings the planet's verdurous future and dazzling new diversity to life. The 'Curator' will guide and contextualize the exhibit, taking you on a tour of 14 significant specimens, each exemplifying noteworthy evolutionary benchmarks of the post-human era. You will learn of humanity's reckoning with the dreaded singularity, our role in the widespread environmental devastation of the planet, the gradual diminishment of our species, the plant kingdom's sensible appropriation of our technology, and subsequent restoration of Earth to its prehistoric harmony.

Each guided tour of the exhibition lasts approx. 1 hour. Get your tickets now! Space is limited.

Cocktails provided by Revolution Spirits. Plant ambience interpreted by Zac Traeger.

This installation is located at the Center For Maximum Potential Building Systems on their sprawling property, home to the godparents of sustainable building techniques, a living laboratory of innovation, and a true Austin gem.