A Perfect Perversion

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Date 10.04.13
Admission Free
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How do you mess with the system?

Haney ambiguates the human perception of physical space in her complex depictions of impossibly intersecting interiors which merge photo-realism with created projections. Aqua mutates photos of faces so as to confound the artificial intelligence of facial recognition software. Via an interactive installation Aqua exercises the necessary faculties for distinguishing personal identities. The works of Haney and Aqua challenge physical and mechanical systems. How do we respond to the spatially impossible perspective in Haney’s work? Though the human eye may be capable of discerning Aqua’s obscured faces, how will a computer program process the distorted identities? Our ability to decipher illogical spaces and twisted faces could separate us from the machine.

New works, performance, and installations by Ben Aqua and Leah Haney in collaboration with Ryan Padgett.

Plus a special appearance by Jamaican Queens.

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