A Merry Date (And Smashly)!

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Event Info
Date start 07.02.21
Date end 07.03.21
Start Time 12am
Admission Suggested Donation $20
Event artist
Presented by
Associated Program Drive-In

for what’s sure to be a merry date–and smashly! ✈️ On July 2nd we’ll jetset with the girls as they find love in the pee-stained streets of ?? Pari (Attitude, attitude! Always attitude!) and then are thrust into the witness protection program and forced to relocate Down Under, where they also find love. If you’re from Urugli, you won’t wanna miss it! And even if you’re not, on July 3rd, You’re Invited to The Case of the clip show: a mish mash of the best straight-to-VHS capers from the tiny lil tots. ?Goo goo ga ga, put these babies to WORK already. Let’s party with the fraternal queens of capitalism! Bring your old ass husband! Drink a giant cup of Starbucks! Put your little brother up for sale! Prior knowledge of MK ultrA not required but always celebrated. You got it, dude. If it’s up to me, you’ll R-S-V-pee! andie flores is an idiot. She’s also a writer, performance artist, comedian, and doctoral student. She used to be more of a Mary–Kate than an Ashley, but now she’s found that she no longer relates to white women in that way.