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Here it comes!
From the Museum of Human Achievement, it’s . . .


That’s right! The only EAST gallery in town where the art costs what it weighs!
No wishy-washy artsy woo-woo prices here!
And no more confusing mixings of color in your art, either!
Just an easy-to-use, $10 a pound, monochromatic shopping experience to get you the art you love at the price you crave!

Featuring Work by:

Michael Abelman
Sterling Allen
Charlie Alvarado
Adrian Aguillera
Laurel Barickman
Berkeley Beauchot
Raquel Bell
Matt Black
Courtney Boyle
Kendall Bradley
Ted Carey
Emily Cayton
David Culpeper
Zoe Darsee
Ryan Davis
Wayne Moon Dean
Alex Diamond
Stephanie Dibert
Lindsay Duncan
Leah Dyjak
Lindsay Eyth
Rainey Fraser
Jade Fusco
Lindsay Greene
Lauren Gurgiolo
Robert Jackson Harrington
Emma Hadzi-Antich
Nils Hoover
Andrea Faye Hyland
Delilah Knuckley
Gracelee Lawrence
Thomas John Lemanski
Brian Maclaskey
Betelhem Makonnen
Staci Maloney
Maggie Mannell
Megan McAtee
Kevin McNamee-Tweed
Vladimir Mejia
Mark Menjivar
Diego Mireles
Wendy Mitchell
Jenny Mulder
Manik Nakra
Austin Nelsen
Phillip Niemeyer & Rachel Freeman (Northern-Southern)
Landon O’Brien
Ethan Odness
Eto Otitigbe
Drew Paryzer
Fiona Pralzell
Sean Ripple
Tyler Robarge
Shelia Scoville
Nelson Smith
Tina Sparkles
Kaya Halil Sumer
Terri Thomas
Amanda Vaughn
Jess Wade
Connor Walden
Jonah Welch
Annie Wells
Clayton Westmeier
Chris Whiteburch
Elizabeth Williams
Matthew John Winters
Davey Wreden

Drinks provided by Austin Beer Works and 9 Banded.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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