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Date start 08.03.19
Date end 08.08.19
Start Time 12am
Admission Free
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Àjọ is a platform and certification system targeted at making sustainable design more accessible. Starting with the question of Why are there not more sustainable designs in Nigeria? Nigerian designer, scholar, and activist Mukhtara Yusuf designed new standards of sustainability to make grassroots, radical, and decolonized sustainability more legible. The Àjọ project tackles the westernization of sustainability as well as its erasure of indigenous philosophy by showcasing holistically sustainable Nigerian brands and a new standard of sustainability.

August 8th - 6pm

Panel Discussion: Re-Defining Sustainable Design

Local Sustainable Designer Miranda Bennett + Àjọ founder Mukhtara Yusuf


8/3-8/4 1-4pm

8/4-8/8 4-7pm

Additional Hours By Appointment