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Welcome to

A community-driven space grounded in affordability, inclusivity and access for artists. MoHA’s vision is for an empowered, resilient community where each member has the resources to foster well being, prosperity, and a self-determined future.


Start Here

Not sure where to start? Start. here.



Additional context for individuals or organizations looking to get involved


More Info


Ways to Get Involved

Interested in getting involved at MoHA? Here's a few places to start.

    • Open Call
      Join our newsletter for upcoming open calls.
    • Event Proposal
      Propose programming or rent the space.
    • Educational
      Fellowships, fiscal sponsorship and other educational opportunities.
    • Leadership
      Apply to be a board or committee member at MoHA and its programs.
    • Residencies
      MoHA offers residencies both online and IRL.
    • Studio Space
      Inquiry for private or shared studio space.


Ways to Support

Interested in supporting MoHA? Here's how you can help.

    • Community
      Checkout our community and ways to be a part of it.
    • Donate
      Your support ensures affordable space and empowerment for artists, making a lasting impact on inclusion and access for artists and community.
    • Volunteer
      Come hang out, make friends, and learn some new skills by volunteering.

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