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The Museum of Human Achievement (MoHA) is a multi-disciplinary art space and organization that cultivates new work, community, and vibe by providing radically affordable arts space to support artists and audiences in the creation of new ideas.


The Museum of Human Achievement of East Austin is a physical arts, community space, and organization based on principles of affordability and access. We provide affordable space and professional support to individuals and organizations that have historically lacked access to institutional resources. This support is tailored to meet people and organizations where they are and ranges from grant writing, legal assistance, production assistance, affordable or free office space, administrative assistance, financial planning, and individual micro-grants and commissions. The hope is that this kind of thoughtful practice of caring and capacity building of long-term infrastructural strategies can better support and grow new leaders within the under-resourced communities that still struggle to both maintain physical space and access resources in Austin.

To make sure we serve our community equitably our programs are led by a guiding body of 28 individuals in leadership (57% BIPOC, 45% LGBTQIA+, 12% non-binary, 53% women).

Accessibility/Diversity in digital arts

  • An annual festival which celebrates, amplifies, and supports the unique and underrepresented in indie video games and play (Fantastic Arcade)
  • VR, AR, and net.art exhibitions, performance, and education; emphasizing diversity among artists utilizing emerging technology (IRL)

Residencies and Cultural Exchange

  • An international artist residency (Unlisted Projects)
  • Accessible online gallery and artist residency providing monthly stipends (Welcome to My Homepage)

Supporting and Commissioning arts and music

  • 24/7 public art gallery which champions and supports diverse artists (Cage Match)
  • Mobile art gallery and store for local makers focused on uplifting women artists, queer artists, and artists of color (The Mall)

Mobile touring performance and platforms

  • A Mobile Performance Center (Peanut)
  • drive-in movies in partnership with neighborhood associations (CoHA)

These efforts result in producing over a hundred free public programs annually which integrate community vision, arts, and social practice. Since our founding we have partnered with 1292 organizations to create new works, presented 5500+ artists, and welcomed 250k visitors.

As a community hub which provides studio, office and event space to 35 artists, 20 arts and/or mutual aid orgs, space access is based on a sliding scale that accounts for income and historical access to resources. In 2020 community members were able to donate to local causes in lieu of paying rent, resulting in $23k of donations to community causes. In 2021, donated space, and fundraising events resulted in a total of $65k in funds redistributed to community causes. This practice of generosity, community support and affordability are in response to displacement and gentrification in East Austin where many struggle to maintain space and grow infrastructure. Our professional support programs offer no fee fiscal sponsorship, administrative and developmental support to 53 organizations (resulting in $1.5m in funds distributed to first time grant applicants) as well as a paid fellowship program to 5 students per semester. Staff, leadership and volunteers at MoHA have supported the founding of multiple non-profits, small businesses and informal collectives and assisted mutual aid and social practice orgs establish sustainable infrastructure.

Our residency program has hosted 55 visiting artists and 62 online residents, resulting in 137 different public programs. Our digital arts programs have commissioned 25 original indie games, presented 1k+ new games, and 100+ monthly meetups. Each year we provide support to over 650 artists and partner with 150 organizations in support of this work. MoHA has collaborated on 14 different traveling productions in partnership with communities from small towns in Texas to major touring productions in Portland.



MoHA supports open-ended and unconventional interactions between artists and audiences, making space for creative works that go beyond traditional notions of failure or success.


MoHA reaches for programming that speaks to the diverse identities and experiences of people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We are committed to free or radically affordable programming that is accessible to a broad public.


MoHA is a thoughtful and active participant in community that aims to facilitate connection and collaboration with our neighbors both within and without the arts.

Support for Artists

MoHA provides funding, resources, and low-cost studio and performance space to those with limited access to economic or institutional support.


MoHA facilitates cross-disciplinary collaborations through expansive programming, shared workspaces, and creative partnerships.

Critical Thought

MoHA provides a platform where critical questioning and the free exchange of ideas promotes public dialog about our future.

Upholding the Vibe

MoHA welcomes strange, potentially disastrous, heartfelt acts of humanity that raise the cultural brow without getting too high.

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